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November Meeting

 By: Lisa Newburn

Attendee’s: Dave Silcox, Dave Wetrosky, Sandra Neubauer, Cheryl Hobbie,  Diane Lant, Pastor Howard Rasmussen

Devotions: Pastor led the group in a prayer.   

Treasurer’s Report:  October offerings included money from cashing in a couple of mission investment fund CD’s.  Total giving for offerings was

Expenses in October were high because we transferred 21,000 to pay back the money borrowed to memorial funds and special funds account.  SPecial funds we now owe 10,000. Dave does not think we will be able to pay back the special funds by the end of the year. The actual expenses in October were normal, the biggest expense was the offering envelopes for $500.  So far for the year we have paid in 1200, we budgeted 5000, so we are behind on giving for the year. We have a check for 800 to be paid in this month.

Special funds and memorial funds account did not see much activity beyond the repayment of funds.  

$5,531 for mission trip check to be mailed,


Sandra made motion to approve the treasurer’s report, Diane seconded motion carried.

Mission plan 2019:  Proposing a budget of 165,000 for 2019.  Keep the synod mission the same. Education is staying basically the same.  As is Evangelism, Social Ministry and Stewardship all remain the same except offering envelopes which goes up.  Office staff and custodial staff both with a increase of wage. The rest of support has stayed the same. Property maintenance has increased due to contracted lawn care.  Insurance increased, parsonage maintenance (due to renovation for new Pastor) Pastor’s car expense added back in for Pastor Howard. Worship and music director factor in a 3% increase in wages.  Miscellaneous expenses increased for credit card charges and the repayment back of special funds account. Pastor’s compensation is based on LOA for Pastor Howard. Y&F compensation has a 3% increase in wage.  

Motion made by cheryl and seconded by Diane to present the 2019 plan to the congregation.  Motion carried.

Annual meeting:  Said annual meeting will be January 27th, with reports due on December 31st to Lisa in the office.  

Approval of Minutes:  Cheryl made motion to approve, Dave seconded. Motion carried.

Property Report:  Being working on repairs and doing a parsonage walk through.  Did some repairs on gutters, repaired cabinets and making some notes on parsonage repairs.  No bid on the facia yet.

Pastor’s Report:  Pastor has been averaging around 38 hours a week.  One baptism, one confirmation, two new members in November, a baptism in December.  

Pastor will send an email to council the next time there is a question about cancelling services.  

Change for Change -- for Angel Tree…  

Celebrate:   Women’s devotional had 9 ladies at the Ambassador.  

Love:   No report.

Serve:    Diane has been busy,  she has the Christmas cards made out and ready to go out to the people in need and our living saints.  Did her first communion service at the Ambassador, using the new set the Church ordered for this purpose.  

MSP committee:  Pastor has been guiding the committee, the first survey went out this past week during service.  The next survey will be mailed out to everyone and will needs to be back by the 23rd of December.  In January we will have a ‘tell the story’ Sunday and Wednesday which will be put together with the survey results and send into synod.  

Christian Ed:  Christmas program is December 16th, Angel Tree is going well with over 85 families.  

December Meeting:  The decision was made not to have a meeting in December but to move up the January meeting to the 14th.  

Meeting adjourned at 8:10 pm with Lord’s Prayer.

Celebrate, Love and Serve our Lord in and through the Word of God!