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April Council Minutes

 By: Sandra N.

First Lutheran Church
Council Meeting
May 1st, 2015
In attendance:  Ellen, Pastor Randy, Chris, Dave W., Sandra, Sara, Joel, Dave S, Linda.

Additions to the Agenda:  Computer upgrade, Youth and family

Approval of Minutes (March 23rd, 2015 meeting):  Tabled until next meeting because no printed copies.

Treasurer’s Report:  March saw an increase of contributions, but we are still falling short of budget needs, but we have increased about $2,000 over last year’s contributions.  A lot of funds were used from the special funds account this month, the chair lift and youth trip expenses were the big expenditures.  Chris made the motion to accept the treasurer’s report, Joel seconded, with no further discussion motion carried.

Old Business:
   Constitution/Bylaws:  The executive council’s decision and what was followed through at last council meeting was to update the Continuing resolutions part of the constitution, which is what purpose of the upcoming retreat.

Lift:  The lift is in and we were able to completely pay it off, will get a third remote, and new mat for back door.

New Business:

Constitutional Update:  The council will give an update the weekend of June 6th and 7th, we will discuss more at the May meeting but for sure we will talk financial's at this update.

Computer Upgrade:  Nick received a dell laptop as a donation for the Y&F office.  He checked in for an upgrade and it’s going to cost $234 for an update.  A new laptop will be around $300, plus software so total cost will be $370-439.  The council will look further into this.

Pastor:  This weekend is the outdoor worship at Steinhart park.   Pastor is starting to work on fall programs already.   May is looking like a busy month for the Church.  Pastor wants to get Daisy’s for Mother’s day weekend and asked for a motion.  Sandra made the motion to buy Daisy’s for mother’s day, Dave W. seconded.  Motion passed.

Brother Nick: The youth have met their fundraising goal for the trip but are working on getting some more money for a little extra for in case.  So Nick is working on grants.

Christian Ed:  There will not be Sunday School for the next two weeks because of Mother’s Day and the outdoor service.  The Last day of Sunday School will be May 17th with a celebration. VBS planning is underway, it will be June 15th-18th at the Church.  Right now Christian Ed is looking for baby food jars for a craft for VBS.

Property:  Dave S. wanted to thank everyone who helped with the church clean up last week.  And there is talk of a possible Fall clean up as well.  We will flip the cross on May 9th.  

Love:  There are eight people going on the mission trip the week of November 15th through the 21st.  The missionary will be here the week of June 6th/7th to talk about what they do.  For the summer we are going to do movie night again, working on a possible list of movies now.

Serve:  Baskets of promise went really well, and everyone seemed to enjoy participating in it.  The sew and sews group received a $2,000 grant to keep doing quilts.  Linda wants to do a project this summer where we will collect food for the food pantry.  
Linda gave a report on everything that Lutheran World Relief is doing right  now;  Ellen made the comment that one of the topics we should discuss at the Congregational update is Lutheran World Relief and what they do and how we as a congregation contribute to their mission.

Celebrate:  No report.

Next meeting:  May 18th, 7pm

Adjourned at 7:06pm

Celebrate, Love and Serve our Lord in and through the Word of God!