Meeting Day(s): Sundays and Thursdays
The new Animate Bible Study started on Sunday, March 23rd!  Make plans to attend..............

Animate:  Faith Bible Study


Join us every Sunday morning at 9:15AM with the same lesson repeated on  Thursday nights at 7PM as we explore the questions we have about Faith and Spirituality.

**Is God Real?
**Can we be spiritual without being religious?
**What is salvation?
**Why read the Bible?
**What was Jesus up to?
**What really happened on the cross?
**What does it mean to be the church?

  This is a seven week Bible Study.  The great news is that you can jump into the class at any time.  Each week is self inclusive, so if you miss a week or not behind.

For more information give us a call at church, 873-5424 or email us at felcoffice@windstream.net.   

Celebrate, Love and Serve our Lord in and through the Word of God!