Youth News

Here we are knocking on the season of Lent!  In February we where able to spread a whole lot of love to our community and fellow congregation members.  The CiA students were able to deliver Love Boxes to those on our shut-in list.  This is an annual event that is enjoyed and looked forward to by all of the participants!  Thank you to everyone who donated a shoe box and they have been put to good use.

                Due to weather conditions, we were unable to have our annual Sweet Heart Dinner.  But keep on the look out for we will be doing a Spring Fundraiser in it’s place.  This fundraiser helps to raise funds to go towards the cost of Confirmation Camp for our youth.  If you would still like to make a donation to the cause, please contact the office for more details on how to do that.

                Finally, we are starting to gear up for the Community VBS!  Our committee has already picked out dates as well as a theme for this summer.  As the host church, we are VERY excited about this event.  Information on how the congregation can help out with this will be coming right after Easter!

Celebrate, Love and Serve our Lord in and through the Word of God!